Healthcare is a human right.

The United States of America has more capacity to care for its residents and ensure their health and prosperity than any other nation on Earth, and it's long past time that we live up to our potential. As your representative in Congress, I'll fight to regain the advances we made under Affordable Care Act and expand access to quality healthcare to every family.

Our foreign policy should reflect our values.

How our country conducts itself abroad should reflect the values and priorities we hold dear here at home. As your representative, I'll make the case for a thoughtful world stance that acknowledges our strengths and limitations and always puts our residents first.

All of us should have the opportunity to grow and build.

My philosophy is simple: Our economy should offer every family an opportunity to build its own version of the American Dream. We need to enact policies that encourage fair labor and business practices and help us create the kinds of jobs we would want for our children.

To do that, we need to reexamine and strengthen public education. We have to prepare all of our children to lead, innovate, critique, and contribute. America's students deserve the support to be able to lead in science, math, and engineering, and too often the Federal Government fails them.

We will debate ideas, not facts.

Whether it's the effectiveness of public policy, the impact of global warming on our environment, or how our democratic process might have been compromised, we know there is no such thing as an "alternative fact." I promise that I will hold myself and others accountable to tell the truth and focus on the substance at the heart of our national debates.  

The foundations of our democracy have been shaken.  No citizen or elected official should stand for this or remain silent.  As your representative, I will do everything possible to defend our democracy, our Constitution, and our freedoms of religion, the press, and free speech.